Adult Toys: An Introduction


There exists a variety of sex toys in the market today. Sex toys vary from those that are purely meant for the male, those exclusively meant for the females or those that can be used by both genders. Other sex toys can be categorized as marital aids or sex aids.

The use of sex toys

Sex toys can be used in several ways. Some of these ways include; stimulating female genitals to be more sensitive, and men’s erection or provide a different sensual feeling as opposed to the conventional sex. Others sex toys have been developed to provide a pleasant environment of sex such as those dubbed orgy bed sheets. In some cases, they help persons who have difficulties with unaided sex gain sexual satisfaction. However, a majority of sex toys are designed to stimulate directly the female or male genitals in a new way to achieve sexual gratification. Sex toys like the sex swing provide different experiences and offer a variation to sexual encounters. They contain an element of fantasy and offer direct stimulation of genitals and act as a means to obtain an orgasm.

Types of sex toys

A variety of sex toys can be found today. One of the most well-known types are the vibrating sex toys. They are commonly known as the vibrators. They derive their name from the fact that they function by providing stimulation to the genitals by way of vibration. They are majorly used to stimulate clitoris but are also used to stimulate other various parts of the female body or those of men. The commonest of these are pencil shaped though typically thicker. They designed to carry internal batteries used for powering small electric motors. Some designs have external battery packs and are connected by wire to the vibrator. The motor is usually fixed with a little weight which is then attached to the shaft. When the vibrator is on, the weight rotates and throws the gadget into a little circular movement that can be felt by the user. Different vibrators have a different distinctiveness and customers’ have differing needs depending on the part of the body requiring stimulation. Other types of vibrating sex toys include vibrating penile rings and butterfly stimulators.

Another typical sex toy is the mechanical sex toys like the best penis rings. These use various automated ways to provide stimulation such as making rotational back and forth movements. Other varieties available in the market are the combination sex toys and sensation change gadgets which change the sexual feeling.


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